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This afternoon Harry will be undergoing further surgery on both arms.  It’s likely to a fairly complicated procedure as both elbows have multiple breaks and the right one is totally shattered.   Thankfully he will be in good hands as he will have two excellent surgeons operating at the same time.   


It will be a relief when the surgery is over as he has spent the last three days and nights unable to move with his arms suspended from the ceiling so has not been very comfortable. Fortunately he has just moved out of the ward full of broken hips and dementia where the average age was 85+.  The patient in the bed next to him thought his hospital bed was a car and spent the whole night very noisily trying to start it and the one opposite was trying to call the police all night so all in all not a peaceful night!  Harry eventually got to sleep at about 7am.    This morning has brought it’s problems too with a junior doctor trying to take blood from Harry’s foot, repeatedly telling him she’d never done it before and the result was a human pin cushion and no blood taken.  Eventually we asked for a more senior doctor who turned out to be a great eventing enthusiast and is taking four days off next week to spectate at Burghley!


We are very grateful to our wonderful team at home for holding the fort and also to everyone who has sent such kind messages of support which, along with following team GB’s progress in Malmo, are really keeping Harry’s spirits up.

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