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"I have been on many different hunting courses and this has to be the most highly regarded of all." Sarah Harvey


Harry has run his hugely popular Hunting Courses for the past six years. They are run in small groups and take place throughout September, October and November. Annie Backhouse was the original founder of 'The Hunting Course', and having helped her prior to her retirement, Harry took over in 2005.  He has retained many of Annie's excercises but also added his own style and additions to the courses. They are extremely popular with virtually 100% of clients returning each year!


The courses are run over one or two days and include exercises on the flat, polework, grids, jumping courses, and finish with a simulated hunt across part of the Beaufort country.  There is also a good lunch in the house and stronger refreshments for those that need it!


The courses cater for both the experienced rider wanting to get their eye in after a summer without jumping, as well as groups for beginners and those lacking in confidence. The idea is to equip each person with one or two simple pointers that will make a profound difference to their way of going. If things go wrong in the future, they can not only identify the cause, but also know what to do to correct it. 


"The hunting courses are unlike any other clinics and I love running them," says Harry. "There is a big variety in standard and although some of the riders are very experienced, apart from the annual hunting courses many have not been taught for 30 years so the style of teaching is critical to success. It's wonderful that so many people come back year on year."


“I cannot tell you how much we all enjoyed your course.  It was an unqualified success and we all felt very much more in charge after the day.  Having done 15 years of hunting courses I might perhaps have been a little critical, but on the contrary I felt you added another dimension and I found myself fascinated by the technical side and a whole new slant on crossing country.  THANK YOU!”

Rosie Vestey MFH



If you'd like to register your interest as in individual we'll arrange for you to be in a group of nice, like minded people of a similar standard to you. Alternatively, you can bring some friends to form your own private group - we offer discounts to those who organise groups.


For more information or to book on a course please contact Rosie and she'll try to arrange a course for you to fit in with your diary.


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Buy a hunting course voucher for friends or family, each voucher can be made up to meet your reqirements, for a single individual or multiple riders.