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Land Rover is the iconic British brand for premium all wheel drive vehicles. An international market leader and the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business, Land Rover are pleased to be working with Harry as brand ambassador both within the equestrian world and in their wider marketing campaigns.

“Land Rover is known and loved all over the world. I feel very proud to be involved with an organisation with such a long history based on quality and excellence."

Pol Roger has been producing exceptional champagne for over 165 years and has long been a favourite among British connoisseurs. To this day the house remains small, family-owned, fiercely independent and unrivalled in its reputation for quality.


"They are a great supporter of our sport and fully enter into the spirit of it. I'm delighted to be involved with such a fun and dynamic brand"

Cordings is  very proud to be associated with Harry Meade. Harry is following in the footsteps of his eminent father, the former Olympic Gold Medallist Richard Meade. At Cordings we empathise with this totally as we have been clothing father and sons for the past 170 years and pride ourselves in being able to spot future champions sartorial and equestrian! In Harry we have identified a future champion who leaves no stone unturned in his preparation to the World's premier events which is exactly the approach we take when we choose our new ranges.


"Timeless, British and, above all, stylish. Cordings get it just right!"

"Having been a dedicated Dodson & Horrell customer for over 10 years, I’m delighted to have become a Brand Ambassador. I love the products and everything that the company stands for and we’re looking forward to working with them for years to come.


"I believe that Dodson & Horrell plays an important part in our horses' performances. Our approach is to try to give them the best of everything, feeding is central to wellbeing and performance, and I’m sure that their knowledge and experience means our horses have the best head start we can give them."



Charles Owen has the largest range of helmets independently certified to up to four international equestrian safety standards, offering a wider range of protection in a riding accident. 

"Having been through a bad fall I am all too aware of the importance of being well protected. I have great faith in my Charles Owen hats so feel well prepared for the tumbles ahead! "

Pioneer Veterinary Products is a family-owned business built up on a strong foundation of core values, with over 100 years of experience in caring for animals. Alongside their veterinary products, they are the sole UK providers of the Multi Radience ACTIVet Pro Laser. The most powerful, portable and affordable therapeutic laser for veterinary use, relieving pain, controlling inflammation and facilitating wound healing.

"All athletes – human or equine – are dependent on soundness, and any competitive success is subject to good management and injury prevention.  We have always tried to combine correct, old-fashioned horsemanship with the most up to date scientific developments. Whilst there are many products on the market that claim to promote healing, few are substantiated by real meaningful science; the use of laser therapy is widely recognised as a highly effective and targeted aid to the healing of acute injuries, and an effective tool in the recovery of soft tissue.  The longevity of horses’ careers involves knowing each specific horse’s body and areas of potential weaknesses, and proactively mitigating against potential injuries.  The use of the Multi Radiance laser is a key tool in our armoury in keeping the horses in A1 shape."

Airowear is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of body protectors. Many years of research and development have resulted in a range of body protectors that offer maximum protection without compromising on comfort, flexibility or style.

"Since there are risks associated with riding across country it's important to feel that you're in the safest possible hands. I use the Airowear Outlyne as it's one of the most advanced body protectors on the market and provides excellent protection. It's also the only gender specific body protector, which is strange as there are some pretty fundamental differences between men and women! No wonder it's so comfortable..."

Intelligent Worming is pleased to sponsor Harry and benefit from his energetic and entusiastic advocation of our cause. Together we are reshaping the equine worming industry.


"Intelligent Worming's concept of educating the equestrian world about the dangers of 'blanket worming' is excellent," says Harry. "Their analysis of each individual horse is far more effective in the treatment of worms and better for the horses themselves. After Intelligent Worming's thorough testing of each of my horses and subsequent advice, it's great to know that my horses are totally worm free and in the best possible shape to perform. I would recommend them to everyone!"

Cutting-edge GORE-TEX® waterproof technology and lightweight PrimaLoft® insulation means the Musto equestrian clothing collection has everything you need.


"If I’m well protected on the outside, I can perform on the inside: that’s why I have chosen to work with Musto. They are continuously innovating their performance-wear which keeps me comfortable, dry and smart, allowing me to focus on my work with the horses."



Horse Weigh is the ultimate in Horse Weighbridges, Horse Weighing Platforms and Horse Weighing Scales. The equine world are now finding the Horse Weigh invaluable for monitoring horse’s peak fitness weights in order to monitor dehydration and maintain peak fitness.


"I've been a big a big advocate of weighing my horses for five years prior to teaming up with Horse Weigh.  The regular data enables me to pre-empt rather than react to weight fluctuations and this consistency is  important for their performance. The weighbridge and computer device are very robust and easy to use."

Fairfax Saddles uses a combination of technology and tradition to develop its range of saddles, bridles and girths. Each item is scientifically proven to improve the horse’s performance by reducing pressure, helping prevent muscular restriction and increasing freedom of movement. This groundbreaking approach to improving equine performance makes Fairfax Saddles unique.

Caviera Bedding prides itself on producing the highest quality rape straw and miscanthus grass horse bedding from its farm and production facilities in Yorkshire. Third generation farmer, Nick Walker, has developed a range of equestrian bedding to provide all levels of horse owners with dust extracted, highly absorbent and sustainable top quality bedding.


“I wanted to find the best bedding for our horses and our staff , so we tested many different types of bedding and Raviera Pro came out on top. It is dust free, absorbent and easy to keep clean so the stables are a healthy environment for our horses. It's easy to muck out and takes less time each day so our staff are delighted with the choice."



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