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If you have a horse that you would like Harry to ride, please don’t hesitate to call him on 07748103708


Harry gives his horses the confidence they need to compete successfully at top level.  All of the horses receive first class treatment under Harry and his brilliant Head Groom, Jess Errington. 


Carolyn Lissack, Midnight Dazzler's owner and breeder, said: "Harry treats the horse like the special individual he is. He doesn't try to put a square horse through a round hole and he and Bobby fit together so well. I am confident that Harry loves him as much as I do, they are a true partnership. I knew that someone would get that out of him and I am so glad it is Harry."

Harry and his team recognise that owning a horse should, first and foremost, be a fun and enjoyable experience.


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If you’ve ever considered having an event horse, talk to Harry about making this a reality.

Harry has a selection of really exciting young horses.  


Harry devotes much of his time in travelling around England, Ireland and France looking at horses for sale. Using experience and his eye, as well as putting in the time, the idea is it means you can own a horse without having to seek out suitable horses to look at, give up the time to look at lots of horses, or expertise in selecting the right one.


We have taken the hassle out of finding horses and our aim is simply to find nice horses for nice owners, and together to reach the top!