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We are immensely grateful to the support of our sponsors and are always keen to create new partnerships. Please contact us to discuss any ideas you might have.


Harry has become one of the most popular riders when it comes to sponsorship, having had successful partnerships with companies ranging from small businesses still in their infancy to TNCs such as Land Rover and HSBC.


With a comparatively small yard of horses Harry is able to dedicate much of his time to his sponsors’ requirements. He has become a favourite ambassador because of his commitment to his sponsorship work, applying the same dedicated and professional manner that he applies to his training and competing. A personable and entertaining individual, who is well versed in public speaking, working with media and engaging with clients, Harry is able to deliver the requirements of the sponsor in an energetic and friendly way.


Unlike many riders, Harry and his team are well aware that the secret to delivering a profitable service to sponsors involves not just their association with Harry, but creating a successful message to - or experience for - their target clients, through the medium of eventing.