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Kentucky success

We had an incredible first trip to Kentucky!  It was a long shot for Harry to get there, still in the midst of his recovery from a horrific fall in October, but, with a huge amount of hard work and determination from him and a brilliant team around him, he made it happen!  


Superstition travelled really well and was happy and settled in the Kentucky Horse Park. After a carefully planned and rather unconventional preparation, he put his best foot forward and produced a polished dressage test to score 29.6 - a great score for his first 5*.  


The cross country was considerably tougher than anticipated, big, and requiring attacking accuracy with five huge drops into water.  When Harry left the start box as Number 50 there was yet to be a combination inside the time. Harry and Superstition set out like a pair on a mission and we couldn't have been more delighted with the horse. He was brave, scopey, nimble and up on his minute markers all the way. Harry had to take the long option at the last combination to ensure he didn't finish too far inside the time. There were yelps of delight from all the team as he breezed through the finish with plenty left in the tank. He was unbelievable and exceeded all expectations. By the end of cross country day Harry was lying in 4th place.


Superstition came out looking a million dollars on Sunday morning and trotted up immaculately. The show jumping time was very tight and plenty of time penalties were being incurred.  Harry decided to risk having a fence down to ensure he made the time. Superstition was unlucky to roll a pole but put on a brilliant display of jumping with some tight lines to finish comfortably in the time for 5th place in his first 5*! The icing on the cake was Jess winning the Grooms award for the best turned out horse - what an accolade for such a key team player who devotes her life to the horses in her care. 


Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped on both Harry and Superstition's journeys and especially to Mandy Gray - his brilliantly patient and hugely supportive owner.  A real team effort and very exciting for the future!


Thank you to Kentucky for putting on such a fabulous event with a wonderful atmosphere despite being behind closed doors - we will be back! 



















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