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Hospital update

It was good news at the hospital this week as the latest x-rays showed that the glue, screws and plates are doing their job as the pieces of bone have all stayed put. They have started to knit together but are not yet fused. This means I can push on with physio to try to regain as much range of movement as possible, but leave off strengthening work until the bones have properly joined. They will take further x-rays in a month.


We thought the examination would be more conclusive in terms of finding out whether the blood supply has managed to get through the various breaks into all of the pieces of bone. This will ultimately determine whether the bone survives or dies, the latter would require further surgery. The doctors won't be able to tell for a while and said there's nothing that can be done to encourage the supply so to put it out of mind and cross that bridge should the issue arise.


The past few weeks have been very liberating as I've gone from being as useful as someone with no arms to someone with arms that don't work particularly well! I am pretty slow and clumsy but able to do a fair amount for myself which is great. I am now looking forward to the chance of more active physio and being able to be proactive in the recovery process.


Thanks to World Class I have the opportunity to start a rehab programme at Moulton College in Northamptonshire, it sounds like an amazing place so I'm looking forward to getting going.

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