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Burghley final day

Having had a fantastic run cross country, Wild Lone felt fit as a fiddle on Sunday morning and was very full of himself and at the final trot up.  He showed off to the crowd and got a good laugh and loud applause before the ground jury even had time to say he had been accepted!  There were certainly no question marks over his soundness.  


Harry really attacked the Show Jumping as there were a large number of competitors finishing with time faults and Wild Lone jumped beautifully for him.  Unfortunately a gentle tap of the post box bogey fence near the end of the course gave him four faults and he had an additional four for the final fence which was a shame.  However, with only four clear rounds in the entire competition and a large number of jumping and time faults, we were really pleased with Wild Lone.  He is now heading for a very well deserved holiday.   


Photograph:  An exuberant Wild Lone at the final trot by Radka Preislerova

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