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Out of hospital

The good news is that Harry is now out of hospital!  Whilst it's a great relief to be out it's a big step when he's been lying on his back with his arms suspended for the past week and is still so uncomfortable and immobile.  He now has a lighter weight cast on his right arm and a brace on his left arm and the surgeon seems happy with the way the wounds from the operations are healing. He is still in good spirits and is determined to be back as close to normality as soon as possible. 

We have come to stay near Northleach with my parents (Harry's parents-in-law)  for the time being, as he is still recovering from the general anaesthetics and we now need to  work out what he is able to do with no arms or hands... at the moment it's not much!  Although, as fellow rider Emily Baldwin pointed out on twitter after her visit to the hospital, he doesn't appear to have lost the use of his voice box! Unfortunately he is yet to be able to press the button to answer his phone, let alone hold it!

We are very grateful for the wonderful treatment he received at Basingstoke hospital and particularly to the surgeons, Jonathon Hobby and Nigel Rossiter, as well the World Class programme who have also been extremely helpful with medical advice.

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