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Badminton cancelled

The cancellation of Badminton Horse Trials 2012 has come as a huge disappointment to everyone involved.  Harry and his team have been gearing every day for the past seven months towards having Wild Lone in prime condition, form and fitness ready for Badminton, however, the unrelenting adverse weather over the last two weeks has had everyone on tenterhooks. Having driven home down the Luckington Lane yesterday and past the Vicarage Ditch section of the course it was obvious that there was no possible way that the event could run, and it is still raining!!


We are hugely grateful to everyone involved with Wild Lone, especially to his owner, Charlotte  Opperman, his groom Jess Errington who has cared for him unquestioningly, and to Laura Bechtolsheimer who has put endless hours into working on his dressage with Harry over the winter and in the run up to this week.  It is a great team sport and there are so many crucial people who play such important roles so a huge thank you to everyone.

Wild Lone has now been re-routed with all the other Olympic potentials to the CIC*** World Cup Qualifier at Chatsworth next weekend which will be the final trial for Olympic selection.

We are really sorry for Hugh Thomas and everyone at Badminton who have been working all year towards this week, not to mention many of our wonderful Sponsors for whom the cancellation of Badminton will also have come as a huge blow.  
May the sun shine soon!

Picture: Vicarage Ditch section of the course and the Luckington Lane car park under water!  
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